Venue: MIWSFPA – at the RHIZOMES Hive
TimeSaturday 2:30pm; Saturday 10pm
Category:  Music, Streetscape + Installations, Film + Video, Multi-Art Events
City of Origin:  Toronto, ON
Price:  $20 or Festival Pass


This psychedelic, multi-disciplinary project combines live projections with hypnotic, raga-inspired sonics, expands the concept of “expanded cinema” further, and invites you to “listen to the colour”…


lightsweetcrude is a multi-faceted project in the tradition of the collectives, and what curator/art historian Adam Lerner calls “hybrid forms” of the psychedelic era. This project has evolved from its origins as a band to find the projection of “colour” – the definition of the Sanskrit root verb for “raga” – playing such a prominent role that the journey has been taken to a place where visuals exist on an equal footing with the musical. lightsweetcrude has collaborated visually with various live bands, shared the stage musically with international acts, and has created installations for various festivals and “underground” events across Canada.


Jason Steidman – live projections + sonics

Michael Kaler – bass


“[D]ope [pic] from lightsweetcrude #plpix” – Pretty Lights

“[I]nteresting DIY projections” – Exclaim! Magazine, July 2013.

“Sitting in CineCycle’s dimly lit space, with lightsweetcrude’s abstract visual projections shimmering on the walls, can create an almost out-of-body-ish experience for the listener as the soundscape starts to develop, the listener’s senses are gradually disoriented and the self-directing mind is lulled.” – James Sandham

“I ended the night in the Tranzac’s tiny street-facing bar, where music from the nostalgic indie party in the main hall thudded like the pulse of the status quo through the walls as live projections of gelatinous liquid moved slowly on screen. I thought about the universe: its mysterious humour; how strange we are.” –

“The most fascinating aspect of the show was [lightsweetcrude]’s liquid visual projection work. Time-warping us back to the “Summer of Love”, the man-about-town projected bubbling tableaus of psychotropic colour on to a backdrop as the music unfolded beneath it. Watching Steidman’s calculating hands at work was just as much fun as zoning out to the screen itself.” – Society Vernacular, September 2012.

“[Woods] are an impressive force to behold, with their live set augmented by not only a second drummer (which added a fair bit of heft to the proceedings) but by the projections of lightsweetcrude, whose impressive work added greatly to the psychedelic vibe. Working in real time with an overhead projector, an array of paints, water, some plates, and whatever else was at hand, he was often just as interesting to watch as the band. It was the perfect melding of sound and visuals.” – Panic Manual, July 2013.

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