Venue:  The Merchant Ale House
Time: Friday 1am
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


Pizza Sharks is a loud alternative rock band from St. Catharines. Embracing a DIY attitude toward music and art, they provide a truly unique experience : a shark throttles your skull : its teeth slide in between the fissures in your scalp : the scent of fresh ‘za : the sight of fresh guts : {PiZZA ViSiON}


Pizza Sharks have been writing music and playing shows for the past year, in which time they have had three releases, including two EPs and a single, and have produced a short film to go with their “Dart Distributor” release. Pizza Sharks draws on a wide canon of music and art as an influence to create their own unique and uncategorical sound.

Pizza Sharks will create a more engaging and memorable live experience than is commonly seen, through a site-specific performance that combines their live setup with additional TV displays worked into the venue and with a colourful use of costume to create an exciting blend of music and performance art.

“They will melt your face. They will damage your hearing. They will probably cause some bleeding. Pizza Sharks are alt-shoegaze from St. Catharines. They SLAY.” – Zoe Smith


Sid Baron: guitar/vocals
Ingo Svaan: guitar
Diz James: drums
Max F. Pounder: bass


Mature language