Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
TimeSaturday 3pm-6pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  St. Catharines ON
Price:  FREE


With 7+ bands in under 3 hours, Band on a Couch promises to pack a lot of music into a small amount of time and a lot of musicians onto a tiny orange couch. Featuring performances by DRFTR, Birds of Ontario, Sid Baron, the Mandevilles, Stereo Sunrise, Knife the Wolf, and others to be announced soon!


Band on a Couch is a weekly video and live performance series featuring unplugged bands rocking out on a couch. BOAC is a platform for discovering and sharing new music. Niagara is just insane with talent. In late 2014, Band on a Couch was created to showcase that talent. The idea was simple: record bands performing on a bright orange couch. Released weekly, the videos provide bands with a great promotional tool and for viewers it’s a great way to discover new music. BOAC has also developed a live music series and partnered with local promoters and festivals to continue to develop and foster community between Niagara musicians and beyond. The series has already featured over 40 acts from Niagara and 15 bands from Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria, and Australia.


Arih Struger-Kalkman (Manager) Arih is a bridge builder, both literally and figuratively. He attended the University of Toronto for Civil Engineering. Bridges are cool. Music is a bridge between band members. Bass player: Stereo Sunrise & DRFTR. Manager: Band on a Couch & Orange Couch Records. Project Manager: ELLIS Engineering Inc.

Cody Linthicum (Creative Director) From Indiana, Cody moved to Niagara with little more than the clothes on his back (and a guitar). Master of the six-string, the eight-string (mandolin), and the five-string (banjo), Cody can play anything with frets. Band Member: Mando Calrission & Knife the Wolf. Creative Director: Band on a Couch.

Jordan Rutledge (Stage & Sound Director) Starting in broadcasting, Jordan is the main sound engineer for Band on a Couch. He has recorded, mixed, and produced bands in the Niagara Region and GTA. When he’s not recording, Jordan is the lead guitar player for Knife the Wolf & DRFTR. Jordan loves his cat, Evie.

Pete Chadwick (Video Director) From California, to Barrie, to St. Catharines, to Welland, and recently to Toronto, Pete was born for travel and adventure. He is the Director of Video and Video Editor for Band on a Couch. Between taping and editing, Pete is the lead vocalist of punk rock band, the Advancing Low-Lives.


“…a widely recognized format for bands to promote themselves” -Chris Illich, The Sound STC

“…a unique opportunity for music lovers to see the bands in a less formal environment”

“four friends, one couch and a heck of a lot of Niagara music: it’s a simple format that works”” -Steve Henschel, Niagara This Week

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