Time:Friday 7:30pm-9:30pm; Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm; Saturday 10pm-12am; Sunday 2pm-4pm
CategoryRHIZOMES, Film + VIdeo
City of Origin:  city
Price$20 or Festival Pass


A queer abstract performance about the social norms which construct humanity’s binary gender.


Barsin will transform a theatrical screening space into something interactive and a bit more stressful. Video content mixed with live performance will keep the audience waiting for a positive result. Barsin has been working with the digital medium since he got his hands on a semi-professional digital-slr camera in 2006. He’s embraced the limitations and worked within their confines producing photo/video/audio shows, which have been viewed in local galleries such as the NAC to galleries outside of the Niagara region as well. He has also work on a feature film camera operating and editing with a local film production company, Fourgrounds Media, which has won several awards and received multiple nominations locally and internationally.

Artist Bio:

Barsin Aghajan (Producer/director/cinematographer) is a photographer and filmmaker in St. Catharines Ontario. He was the camera operator and editor for the Niagara film, The Hotel Dieu. Barsin has been working with the digital image since studying Film Theory. Inspired by French new-wave, marxist, and gender films, storytelling is a passion of this young artist.


There will be nudity and mature content for this piece. Not suitable for young children.