Venue:  Niagara Artists Centre
Time: Friday 11pm
City of OriginWainfleet, ON
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


A musical reflection of the classic Canadian landscape. Haunting melodies, simple rhythms, stories to remember.


A revival/renewal/continuation/evolution of a musical relationship that goes back many years. The Birdlanders consists of two hermit songwriters and a three piece band, the members of which are well-travelled in the Niagara music scene.

In the winter of 2014, after a seven year break, the Birdlanders began once again to assemble on occasion in the jam room at Birdland, putting a shine on a new body of work. Shaking off the dust and telling it like it is – dressing the bird, so to speak. Getting ready to fly the coop and take it to the people.

Mary Ann Mikolic: singer, songwriter, trumpet, guitar
Greg O’Rourke: singer, songwriter, trumpet, piano
John Hutchinson: bass grooves
Arnold Frothingbadger McBay: guitar noodles
Nick Braun: Rhythm sticks


“Absolutely Gorgeous!” -Dr.Pee