Venue:  Oddfellows Temple
Time:  Saturday 11pm
CategoryMusic, Theatre + Spoken Word, Multi-Art Events
City of Origin:  London, UK
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


Del Stephen is a multi-media artist/musician who has produced 6 full-length albums across various genres. He’s also a member of Niagara-based band Think Of A Name.


Del Stephen is the ‘solo’ moniker of multimedia artist and musician Stephen Del Duca. As a co-founding member of Niagara-based bands like the experimental-electronic-improv group known as Think Of A Name and the grandiose rock collective Oak & Elm, Del Stephen is no stranger to the local circuit. In the mere 2 years since leaving behind the Niagara region for a spontaneous move across the pond to East London, Del Stephen has prolifically recorded, produced, and released 6 full-length albums for his growing loyal fanbase online. Stephen is also the founding curator of Together Tonight, a quarterly music and arts showcase in St. Catharines. Del’s ITS set will feature surprise special guests.


“Del Stephen is a modern man making music that feels of this moment while capturing the nostalgia of love songs, scratchy tape decks, and shopping cart wheels.” – Jane Ozkowski, Toronto-based poet and author

“Del Stephen invites your sense of wonder, curiosity, and imagination for a walk in the moonlight, a slow dance beneath the stars, a cigar and a glass of wine, and some half-true conversations about love, life, and ambiguity.” – Darren Clarke of Niagara-based band Melody Motel

“Experimental, yet adhering to the ethics of popular music. The lyrical content reveals aspects of our relationships with others that we all share in common.” ‘ Julian Anderson, Niagara-based multi-media artist

“During the summer, when the signs and symbols became too overwhelming, the music of Del Stephen alleviated my anxiety. I found solace in it.” – Anonymous