Venue:  Around Town
Time:  Ongoing
Category:  Theatre + Spoken Word, Multi-Art Events, Streetscape + Installations
City of Origin:  Toronto, ON
Price:  $20 or Festival Pass


DLT is concentrated in urban and interactive creations. Ugly Mess is a 72 hour immersive journey through your city in search of a missing person.


Ugly Mess is a 72-hour immersive journey through your city in search of a “missing person.” The city becomes a stage and you, the audience, become the protagonist. Playing the role of detective you will start to investigate the events that occurred through a series of clues. You will encounter a number of people and you’ll have to decide who to trust. The “investigation” will happen in both your home and outdoor spaces, using your computers/mobile phones and moving around the city. Different activities are scheduled continuously throughout the three days and it is up to you to decide your own degree of involvement. But, remember, we need your help to find Lily.

DLT in an international company originally founded in Florence Italy and currently established in Toronto. Through-out the years the company become particularly interested in the developing the relationship actor-spectator. In their work the normal role of the audience is shifted form passive observer to active agent. In DLT’s work the audience is casted as the protagonist. DLT Highlights: The Stranger (sold-out in Toronto, Vancouver, Mumbai, NNNN NOW Magazine Toronto), Midway Along The Journey of our Life ( sold out in Toronto, St. Catharines In The Soil) (The Last Seven Steps of Bartholomew S. (sold out and extended run Bata Shoe Museum NNNN Now Magazine Toronto) K.i.t.e. (International Festival Fabbrica Europa)


Director: N/A
Game Planner: N/A
Cast: N/A
Interactive Installations: N/A
Writer: N/A
Missing Person: Lily


NNNNs…if you’ve ever felt like taking part in a video game, not playing it but being in it, The Stranger… will excite you.’


This is an 19+ event.

Active Audience Participation.

Walking Involved.

Mature Language, Explicit Language, Nudity