Venue:  TBA
Time:  Ongoing
Category:  Streetscape + Installation
City of Origin:  Niagara Falls, ON
Price:  FREE


“Bit by Bit” is a sculptural light installation which uses randomly assembled pieces of wood to create a comprehensive image in shadow.


Through visual art, music, and acting, Emily Andrews has been involved in the Niagara art community over the last 10 years, participating in events such as, In the Soil and Niagara Night of Art. Her most recent series of work, “Far From Ordinary: A Series of Dreamscapes Made With Very Precise Slices” includes a collection of surrealistic, hand-cut photo collages. In the last few years, Emily has delved into public art installation, creating whimsical and intriguing works. Her sculptural piece, “Bit by Bit” debuted at the 2015 Niagara Night of Art


Emily Andrews (Artist, Sculptor) is a multi-media artist, actress, and musician from Niagara Falls with a BA in Visual Arts from Brock University. She works in a wide variety of media, including, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, and public installations. Her style varies with each project but mainly circles around surrealism and realism.


“Emily Andrews work requires attention and consideration: but that doesn’t belie the playful nature of it, and that several of the works made me smile, if not laugh out loud.”
-Bart Gazzola, The A Word