Venue:  Oddfellows Temple
Time:  Friday 10pm
Category:  Music, Theatre + Spoken Word, Multi-Art Events
City of Origin:  Kingston ON
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


An experiment in music and film combining sonic elements of synthetic drones, melodic dirges and freaked out noise with patterned and multi-layered visual scores.


Fire Moss (Kristiana Clemens/David Parker) performs unique immersive soundscapes using electronic sound waves from synthesizers and analog signals along with processed live sounds from the double bass. Formed in 2012, the duo have performed at the Tone Deaf Festival (2013), the Homegrown Live Music Festival (2014, 2015), and at over two dozen shows in Montreal, Kingston and Ottawa.

Dan Browne (b. 1982) is a Toronto-based filmmaker, photographer and multimedia artist whose works explore patterns, nature, and sensory perception through dense and kinetic forms. Dan’s films and videos have been presented at over one hundred festivals and venues worldwide.

Dan Browne and Fire Moss have collaborated previously in 2013 at the Tone Deaf Festival.


David Parker (Musician) is a multi-instrumental musician, composer, sound designer and digital media artist.

Kristiana Clemens (Musician) is a sound artist, radio producer and musician working with found sounds, analog synthesis, digital percussion, effects pedals and bass guitar.

Dan Browne (film) is a filmmaker, photographer, multimedia artist and currently a PhD candidate in the York/Ryerson Communication and Culture program, where his research focuses on intersections between technology, art and embodiment.


“Witnessing a show feels as if you’re attending a cyborg funeral march on a planet that worships the flesh”
-PFM:YGK review of Fire Moss

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