Jim Bryson

Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time:  Sunday, 4:30pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  Wakefield, QC
Price:  FREE


One of Canada’s finest songwriters.  His music soars high, from the Rockies of the West, to the tundra of the East.


Jim Bryson is an Ottawa area based singer songwriter, instrumentalist and producer. He has released 4 critically acclaimed solo recordings and is currently finishing up a 5th recording, produced by Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think, Feist) to be released in the first half of 2016.

Jim also has spent a fair amount of time in recent years recording and producing projects, among them Oh Susanna’s “Namedropper,” and songs for The Skydiggers “Angel’s”.

Oh and just cause you are asking, Jim also enjoys riding in the musical sidecar, having played and toured with Kathleen Edwards, The Weakerthans and The Tragically Hip.

Jim lives outside of Ottawa with his partner, two daughters and a newly built recording “shed” called Fixed Hinge.


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