Venue:  Rise Above
Time:  Friday 10pm
City of Origin:  Beamsville
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


Using various manipulation techniques to alter the sound of guitar(s), the intention is to create a tapestry of soundscape and melody. Results may vary.


This will be my first solo performance ever. Last year at ITS I performed with my duo Spl@T!, which I’ve been a part of since the early 90s, as part of an experimental piece called Bridge to Bridge with another duo (Sound Sound). Since moving to Ontario in the late 80s, I’ve been part of many musical projects and played various styles. Over the last 5 years I’ve played in a few local bands like Alt Country band Cold Pines, and currently a Country Folk duo; Mike & Ed, who are just finishing up writing for a recording project this year.


Michael Ramey – Solo performer; experimental guitar