Venue:  Oddfellows Temple
Time:  Saturday 10pm
Category:  Music, Film + Video
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


Musicians who improvise on a groove. Along the way, we explore the precipice between the dance floor and the cosmos.


We’ve come to celebrate the magic that belongs in moment . . . the effervescence that comes with spontaneity . . . Surely, this must be our collective place among the astral plain.

We will rely on the vibe of the crowd and the members of the collective, to steer the music in its particular direction-deliciously danceable, along the way. This past year, we have experimented with sight and sound at a few house parties and barn jams,the most memorable was playing on therof-top terrace at NAC. We have backed up different projects over the years including: High Wire String Band, The Cuds, Duke The Bull, Julie Powers, Blackberry Blossom, The Joe Lapinski Band, Skyloco, Mike Lynch, Great Red Owl and RightLeft of Susie.


Rob Oliveira-Drums
Jake Elstone-Bass
Steve Nulmeyer-Guitar
Joe Lapinski-Pedal Steel
Aaron Robillard-Percussion
Tobey Ley-Sax
Angela Maccaroni-Flute
Stephen Remus-Visuals


“That was quite good, I’m glad I came out to see this. This is my style of music!”-John

“You guys rock! When are you playing next?”-Alex

“That was pretty magic”-Courtney