Venue:  The Merchant Ale House
Time:  Saturday 9:30pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  St. Catharines ON
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


A 4-piece alternative rock band blending psychedellic, folk and reggae.


Pindles started in a basement on Russel Street in St. Catharines when Graham Morley (who was the drummer in Mrs. Johnston) invited Chris Sipos (Guitar player in Medicine Dog/Beautiful Women Of Belmez) to jam with Matt Meagher (Singer/Guitarist in Honour Among Thieves). After many laughs and hours of jamming the three of them set up the next jam. Pindles Have an EP that will be released at In the Soil Arts Festival 2016.


Matt Meagher – Vocals / Guitar
Graham Morley – Drums / Backup Vocals
Chris Sipos – Guitar / Backup Vocals


“Pindles were voted #1 People’s Choice 2015 in St. Catharines and they don’t even have an album…which means the only way to know about them is seeing them live.”

-Jacob Bergsma, My Son The Hurricane, The Sound STC Podcast

“Pindles are still my favourite band in St. Catharines bar none.”

-Mike James, Seasoned Musician

“…one of these days I’m going to need the same day off as Matt because I really fucking like their band”

-Jamie Godard, Bella Noella’s Pizza, 3rd Place Poetry Slam Winner In Canada