Venue:  TBA
Time:  Sunday, 6pm
Category:   Music
City of Origin:  St. Catharines
Price:  FREE


ROOF to ROOF is a spacial improvised sound and music event.  We’re going to have guests too… more to come!


SOUND SOUND is an improvised music series created and run by St. Catharines based musicians Jeff Luciani (drums, percussion) and Joe Lapinski (guitars).  It aims at bringing together local and non-local musicians and artists in the spontaneous creation of sound and performance.  Both random and thematic inspirations are used to propagate a unique experience for both musician and audience member.  In other words, everyone in the room can participate!  SOUND SOUND currently has a monthly residency at Mahtay Cafe in lovely downtown St. Catharines.


Joe Lapinski – guitar
Jeff Luciani – drums, percussion