Venue:  The Festival Hub
Time:  Friday 7pm-10pm; Saturday 7pm-10pm
Category:  Streetscape + Installations, Theatre + Spoken Word, interactive + Workshops
City of Origin:  Ottawa ON
PricePWYC or Festival Pass


Trophy is an episodic performance and art installation built around 5 people from St Catherines and their stories of transformation. Audience members are lead on a journey through 5 small, glowing tents, each with a person who tells the story about a moment in their life when everything changed. 


STO Union is a multidisciplinary art and performance company bringing together artists from a variety of mediums in the creation of original contemporary theatre, installations, live art and video for presentation locally, regionally, in Canada and abroad.  The company is headed by Artistic Director Nadia Ross and Artistic Producer Sarah Conn. STO Union’s live art has been presented at some of the top contemporary performances festivals in Canada including the National Arts Centre’s Ontario Scene (Ottawa), subDevision (Ottawa), SummerWorks Performance Festival (Toronto), In the Soil Multi-Arts Festival (St Catherines) & Magnetic North Theatre Festival (Ottawa). STO Union was most recently at In the Soil with “Rituals for the Unfamiliar”


Sarah Conn (creator/director/producer) Sarah Conn is STO Union’s artistic producer and one of the company’s collaborative artists. Since 2010, she has produced everything ranging from local workshops, events and performances to international tours for STO Union. Sarah creates and performs in plays, performance installations, site-specific theatre and live art, and has had her work presented at some of the top contemporary theatre festivals in Canada.

Allison O’Connor (design) Allison O’Connor is an Ottawa-based sculptural artist who works with the materiality of natural objects, as it reflects the human manipulation of the environment. Allison’s practice extends to immersive and interactive installations that prompt viewers to consider their own actions of control over nature and their environment. She has collaborated as a designer with STO Union on several live art pieces and installations including Can We Talk (undercurrents) and Recess (National Arts Centre’s Ontario Scene).

Sara Duplancic (creative collaborator) Originally from Ottawa, Sara is a recent graduate of the Atlantic Acting Conservatory ounded by David Mamet, and she is currently based in New York City. She has performed and developed work with STO Union for over 3 years, touring to festivals including subDevision in Ottawa, SummerWorks in Toronto and In the Soil Festival in St. Catharines. She has also performed with Vanity Project Productions at the Ottawa Fringe Festival as well as several productions with the Ottawa Little Theatre. Patrick Dillon (creative collaborator) Nadia Ross/STO Union (Creative Consultant) Plus 5 people from St Catherines!


“The beauty of Trophy was that it provided engaging stories and provoked self investigation. It was entertaining, insightful, and enough to keep you up all night thinking, making Nuit Blanche a true sleepless night. Trophy will stick with the audience long after they depart from the last house.”

Claire Meldrum – Carleton University, Trophy Nuit Blanche participant


Reviews from “Rituals for the Unfamilar” (In the Soil 2014):