Venue:  Rise Above
Time:  Friday 11pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  Niagara
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


Niagara-based live-improv sound/art ensemble, featuring a rotating cast of area artists, musicians &other. “first thought, best thought” kind of stuff.


Since 2013, Think of a Name have performed numerous shows in regional cafés, bars, community centres, art galleries, etc. Their set will be accompanied by video collage projections created by the group.


Julian Anderson (laptop, synths, fx, etc.)
Adrian D’Avirro (bass, fx, etc.)
Ken Brennan (electric guitar, fx, tapes, etc.)
Stephen Del Duca (keys, synths, fx, tapes, etc.)
Avery Mikolič-O’Rourke (keys, synths, electric guitar, fx, etc)
Jeffrey Sinibaldi (tapes, samplers, fx, etc.)
& other special guests …


“Unlikely a band I will ever see, but if I could, I would.” – VITAL WEEKLY 1001