Venue:  Robertson Theatre
Time:  Friday 9pm; Saturday 6pm
Category:  Theatre + Spoken Word
City of Origin:  St. Catharines ON
Price:  $20 or Festival Pass


The time is out of joint. A physical ensemble adaptation of the acclaimed speculative fiction story by Tim Maly about science, identity, and of course time.


Twitches & Itches Theatre is a multi-disciplinary emerging artist ensemble creating new works of theatre in St. Catharines, Ontario. We operate as a core group of nine artists with a long-term commitment to rigorous physical training, creation through collaboration, and making works with a unique place in the St. Catharines community. We produce a steady output of workshops, productions, and community events and initiatives. Our work has been fortunate to garner critical acclaim, sold out houses, and grants from a variety of arts councils.


Ensemble: Hayley Malouin, Sean Rintoul, Collin Glavac, Iain Lidstone, Sean McClelland
General Manager: Marcus Tuttle
Stage Manager: Mark Harrigan
Assistant Director: Eduardo DiMartino
Adapted by Colin Bruce Anthes with contributions from the ensemble.


From review of “Emperor” by NOW Magazine:

“Emperor Rules! The energy generated by the performers in Emperor, a work by young company Twitches & Itches, was enough to lift the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace off the ground by a couple of inches…The three actors played various human, animal and insect characters with comic zest.”

From review of “The Prince is Sleeping” in Niagara This Week:

“An undeniable treat that may just be the cure for anything that ails you.”

From audience reviews of Ely and the Dragon:

“Brilliant, touching, most memorable.”


Some mature language.