Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time:  Friday 8pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  Cayuga ON
Price:  FREE


Whitney Pea and her group are bringing a visual and percussive show to In The Soil Festival this year. The theme is Spring and it’s gift of transformation to the land. Watch it unfold from the ground up with dancing, drumming, and lots of vocal harmony.


Whitney Pea’s love affair with music started long ago. Her inspiration, often spun from the natural world has led to 3 albums of original songs. She has collaborated with many artists over the years but plays most consistently with her bandmates, Minnes and Di Tillio.


Whitney Peterson – Guitar, Voice
Laurel Minnes – Ukulele, Voice
Frank Di Tillio – Upright Pancake
Jeff Luciani – Percussion


“There are many hidden gems in the Niagara music scene, but Whitney Pea and her ace band stand out as one of the brightest.”

“Whitney plays the kind of breezy, uplifting indie pop that can turn a sour day into a sweet one with a few chords, voice and a little bit of magic.”
-Brian Cliffen
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