Willie Stratton

Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time:  Sunday 1pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  Halifax, Nova Scotia
Price:  FREE


Willie Stratton is some tall, loud wiseguy from Nova Scotia with a banjo in one hand and a guitar in the other who shouts about conniving escapades and wide open spaces.


This project has been living in a few different incarnations since 2011 when freshly out of high school, young Willie Stratton decided to pursue a career in music. Since then he has shared the stage with a range of artists, including Old Man Leudecke, Mother Mother, Hey Rosetta, Xavier Rudd, Elliott Brood, and many more. Willie shares styles and techniques on the banjo that have long since been all but forgotten. The performance is a revival of old forms of banjo and guitar playing, songwriting, and showmanship.


Willie Straton (Vocals, Banjo, Guitar) is a force to be reckoned with. Conjuring up a whirlwind of early country, swing, and blues styles, the stomping troubadour comes to the stage with a banjo in one hand and a guitar in the other and channels the spirits of long dead old timers like Dock Boggs, Charley Patton, and Fats Waller to name a few; bringing with him technical prowess and musical whit of a bygone era.


“The songs are written and played like they matter, as if every word belted from front person Willie Stratton’s lungs absolutely need to be yelled for his own sanity.” – Mixtape Magazine

“As far as sound is concerned, it was perfect… Truly dance-your-ass-off worthy… The energy coming from Willie Stratton & The Boarding Party during different parts of the set really set the bar for me. From jumping off drum kits and amps, to stomping their feet so hard I was sure they’d break through the stage, their show and music really left an impression on me.” – The Scene Magazine

“If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Willie Stratton perform live you are doing yourself a great injustice… Two big thumbs up and a must see if they come through your area.” – Halifax bloggers

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