In the run up to the festival, we will be profiling some of the people who make this whole thing possible: our incredible volunteers. Volunteers are the fertilizer of our festival, and a big part of what makes this community tick. Lily Smith has shared why she loves volunteering, and turning strangers into life long friends!

How many years have you volunteered with In the Soil?
This’ll be my second year volunteering.

Why do you volunteer with In the Soil?
I volunteer because I’ve been enjoying the festival for years and can’t imagine anything quite as fun and rewarding as actually getting to be part of it.

What’s your favourite memory of the festival?
My favourite memory is definitely getting to know the other volunteers and make so many new friends out of total strangers!!

If you’re interested in joining the fun, check out our Volunteer Page – get a festival pass discounted or free, and be a part of an awesome experience!