Venue:  Central Library + Mahtay Cafe
Time: Saturday 10am-12pm (Central Library); Saturday 11am-1pm (Mahtay Cafe)
Category:  Interactive + Workshops, Family Friendly
City of Origin:  West Lincoln
Price:  FREE


Make your own Sunflower Seed Bomb and help cover the Niagara Region in beautiful bee-friendly Sunflowers!


Small Scale Farms offers audiences of In the Soil Arts Festival the opportunity to make your very own sunflower seed bombs.

Seed bombs are golf ball sized clay soil packets studded with heirloom sunflower seeds. They are designed for throwing into green or brown spaces left to the powers of nature. Rain, sun and wind dissolve the clay and germinate the sunflower seeds in place.

Small Scale Farms grows and distributes healthy food—a sustainable system that improves local economy and access to affordable produce.

Small Scale Farms was founded in 2017 as a social enterprise focused on local food distribution, community collaboration, and sustainable farming practices. It grew out of the Niagara Farm Project, a non-profit organization established by Renee Delaney to fill the noticeable gaps within the existing food distribution system. Small Scale Farms promotes a new way of looking at food: as a currency that provides purchasing power within an equitable, collaborative economy that runs parallel to the existing system. Small Scale Farms is a network of farmers, food suppliers, workers and volunteers collaborating to improve life and increase community wellbeing within the Niagara region and beyond.

Join Small Scale Farms on Tuesday 1 May to scatter Sunflower Seeds across the Niagara Region.


Brandy Pirko Beekeeper
Grant Lauzon Mushrooms
Emily Brenner Mushrooms


Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time: Friday 6pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin: St. Catharines, ON
Price:  FREE


Come one and all! Join us as we kick off the 10th annual In the Soil Arts Festival together ON James Street at our Festival Hub.


In the Soil Arts Festival Hub will open at 5pm. Remarks at 6pm. Launch will feature special guests for our 10 year anniversary celebration.

Venue:  Festival Hub – Interactive Village
Time: Friday 5pm-9pm; Saturday 11am-5pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm
Category:  Interactive + Workshop, Streetscape + Installations, Family Friendly
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  FREE


Play BIG style. Giant pick-up-sticks! Huge JENGA! Massive checkers! Who’s in!?

VenueMIWSFPA Theatre
Time: Saturday 1:30pm
Category:  Theatre + Comedy, Family Friendly, Dance
City of OriginVancouver
Price$10 or Festival Pass



A visually stunning work that shares a First Nations perspective on the importance of Salmon.


Salmon Girl explores the world of water and salmon. Through theatre, dance, music and puppetry, this piece for all ages follows the journey of a young girl into this magical world.

Choreographer Michelle Olson from the Tr’ondek Hwech’in First Nation and playwright Quelemia Sparrow from the Musquem First Nation bring together their respective cultural perspectives and stories to create a piece that is both meaningful and delightful to all audiences.

“The production elements of Salmon Girl were all brought together with great care, making complex themes simple and accessible for the intended audiences.”
-Margaret Grenier, Executive & Artistic Director-Dancers of Damelahamid

“Salmon Girl invites us to tap into the traditional wisdom of the salmon with the innocence and playfulness of a child’s heart and mind.” -Martine Kleissen, Event Coordinator

“The students enjoyed it & were quite entertained. I feel they took away a First Nations perspective as well as consideration for the environment & human impact on it.” -Suzanne Seward – Gr. 3 teacher, Westview, North Vancouver

Raven Spirit Dance Society shares stories from an Aboriginal worldview. Their medium is contemporary dance; and, they incorporate other expressions such as traditional dance, theatre, puppetry and multi-media to tell these stories.

By sharing this work on local, national and international stages, Raven Spirit Dance reaffirms the vital importance of dance to the expression of human experience and to cultural reclamation. Raven Spirit Dance aims to explore how professional artistic work is responsive and responsible to the community it is a part of and to continue to redefine dance’s place in diverse community settings. Raven Spirit is Vancouver-based yet indelibly tied to the Yukon through its projects and inspirations, as our Artistic Director, Michelle Olson is from the Tr’ondek Hwech’in First Nation.


Directed by: Quelemia Sparrow
Choreographed by: Michelle Olson
Designers: Brad Trenaman (lighting)
Kate De Lorme (sound)
Jessica Oostergo (costume)
Shizuka Kai (set)

VenueCentral Library
Time: Saturday 10am
CategoryTheatre + Comedy, Family Friendly
City of OriginSt. Catharines


Carousel Players presents Hare & Tortoise, the award-winning show for children.


This charming adaptation by UK playwright Brendan Murray won Best Play for Children and Youth at the Writers Guild of Great Britain Awards in 2012. “A fine show to introduce young children to an exciting theatrical world.” -British Theatre Guide “A beautifully crafted piece.” -The Guardian UK


Monica Dufault – Director
Kelly Wolf – Set and Costume Designer
Joe Lapinski – Original Music
Kurtis Leon Baker and Kaleigh Gorka – Performers
Sara Allison – Stage Manager



VenueAround Town
Time: Friday 5pm-9pm; Saturday 11am-5pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm
CategoryInteractive + Workshops, Family Friendly
City of OriginSt. Catharines
PriceFree /


A site-specific photographic installation using the Museum’s collection to juxtapose the past against modern streetscapes, emphasizing the value of our city’s built heritage.


Now presenting its third annual instalment, History InSite is just one of many of the Museum’s special community outreach projects. Along with the Museum’s award-winning pop-up museum exhibition aMUSE, History InSite allows the Museum to exhibit it’s large and rich collection of St. Catharines history to a wide, diverse, and engaged community audience.

For the first time, History InSite installations will come alive with volunteers portraying the people included in the photograph’s landscape. These Tableaux Vivant-style ‘happenings’ will only take place during guided tours of the installation.

The St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre is located next to the historic and picturesque Lock 3 of the Welland Ship Canal. Charged with collecting and interpreting the history of St. Catharines and the Welland Canal, the St. Catharines Museum’s collection spans nearly 800,000 objects, with major exhibition spaces welcoming well over 100,000 visitors per year.

Venue:  Around Town
Time: Saturday 10am-1pm
Category:  Interactive + Workshops, Family Friendly
City of Origin:  Toronto
Price:  Free


Grup the clown will delight and inspire on his “wanderings” at Family Fun Day!


Phil Koole has been delighting public audiences internationally with his clown Grup for 5 years. Having found a unique specialty in public activation clowning, Phil developed his Grup the Wanderer routine, which brings an array of clowning experience to the table; award-nominated theatre creations, busking experience, and professional therapeutic clown history. All of which combine to create a spontaneous and joyfully intimate theatrical experience.

Phil Koole is a therapeutic clown in long term care centres across Toronto. He’s clowned in festivals and cabarets all over Toronto and he created and performed Halapatooloo, a duo clown show in 2012 (Outstanding Ensemble, NOW Magazine, Toronto). 2013 through now Phil has performed in public spaces internationally, honing his skills.

“Grup the clown lit up the streets of Sault Ste. Marie! What a treat!” -Tova Arbus, Artistic Director, Fringe North

“Phil Koole brings spontaneity and joy to those who come into contact with his clown.” -Byron Laviolette, Artistic Director, Morro and Jasp (U.N.I.T. Productions)



Venue:  Festival Hub – Interactive Village
Time: Friday 5pm-9pm; Saturday 11am-5pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm
Category:  Interactive + Workshops, Family Friendly
City of Origin:  St.Catharines, Ontario
Price:  Free


An open space for dropping off things you don’t need and taking the things that you do (based on donations).


No fear – what you can take is actually free!
No one person will be able to take everything in The Free Store – this is meant to be a community exchange.

The Free Store will also be offering workshops throughout the weekend in the store. This includes everything from a “patch your jeans” workshop to a discussion on textile waste to kids programming. If you have ideas or are interested in leading your own workshop, please email

Workshop schedule to be announced.

The Brock Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG Brock) is a social and environment justice based NGO. OPIRG Brock provides educational and action-oriented campaigns that help connect and support a variety of social justice initiatives throughout the region. OPIRG Brock also supports action groups that do environmental and social justice work on and off campus. OPIRG Brock aims to empower students and community members and raise awareness for issues in our community.

Since it was established in 1988, OPIRG Brock has engaged in numerous campaigns on campus. For example, OPIRG Brock helped create the fair trade policy at the Brock University campus that is now implemented by the Fair Trade Campus Committee. In addition, OPIRG Brock has helped to fund and support dozens of action groups dedicated to environmental and social justice issues. For example, OPIRG Brock has supported Food Not Bombs in St. Catharines, a group dedicated to reducing food waste and serving free food to members of the community for several years.

The action groups we currently support are:
– Brock University 15 & Fairness
– Niagara Anti-Racism Coalition
– Disability and Neurodiversity Collective
– Niagara Freelancer’s Union
– St. Catharines Poetry Slam
– Food Not Bombs Niagara
– The Cycle Circle
– Brock SCM

After being defunded by the Brock Undergraduate Student Union, OPIRG got an office, created programming and events that prioritized marginalized voices, continued support for our action groups and are in the process of launching a community driven interdisciplinary History of Activism in Niagara research program. – Lived experience from OPIRG Brock



VenueFamily Fun Dance Party: Festival Hub Stage, Festival Closing Party: Oddfellows Temple
Time: Family Fun Dance Party: Saturday 12pm-1:30pm, Festival Closing Party: 10pm
Category:   Family Friendly, Music
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, Ontario
Price:  Family Fun Dance Party: Free, Closing Night Party: Pay What You Can


Facilitating multiple dance events as part of In The Soil Arts Festival.


Killer Beets Collective was formed in early 2013 between a group of friends and fellow DJs with a goal of fostering a community oriented dance culture in St Catharines, to support each other in the development of our DJ skills and careers, and to share those skills with others in our community.

We specialize in dance party production and promotion, providing soundsystems and lighting, and booking DJ line-ups for various events. We also facilitate free workshops for aspiring DJs.

We are best known for our Rise Above Revival dance parties, but have a lot of experience creating alternative dance events in a variety of settings. Other past events include SCENE Music Festival, In The Soil Arts Festival, and the Sunset Sundays series of family friendly dance parties on the NAC rooftop patio. We’ve also provided music and soundsystem services for yoga classes, weddings, magic shows and private house parties.


Brian Gasbarini aka DJ BRIZE (DJ, instructor, sound, lighting)
Kelsey Cee aka DJ Sweet Beet (DJ, instructor, lighting)
Jamie Duncan aka DJ Bud$ (DJ, photographer, promotion)
Jaimie Godard (MC, DJ, poet, producer)
* Other potential DJs may also be involved

Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time: Saturday 12pm
Category:   Family Friendly
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, Ontario
Price:  FREE


Kate Cote is a performer who has turned an Autistic Trait into an Artistic Talent!


Kate Cote will entertain at In the Soil Arts Festivals first ever Fmaily Friendly Dance Party at the Festival Hub on Saturday 28 April. Kate likes to spin yoga balls on her toes. In 2016, Autism Ontario held a talent show where she performed this skill in front of a crowd. A member of Niagara Artists Centre happened to catch her doing this and offered her a part in the 2016 Voix de Ville. Kate loved it so much that she created a much more difficult routine and participated in other contests. In 2017, she competed in the Yellow Door Theatre Project’s talent show where she placed 1st and competed in the Rise 2 Fame contest at the Western Fair where she was a finalist.

Kate’s performance requires a tremendous amount of skill. What makes her routine even more unique is Kate is extremely uncomfortable in front of new people let alone large crowds. She spins to help keep herself calm and focused. It is BECAUSE she spins as her skill that enables her to be in front of people. It is an amazing thing to watch as Kate transforms from someone who is quiet, to electrifying on stage, to quiet again when she is done.

“Kate has a talent that is beyond amazing. Her gift of spinning is a “must see” performance that will make you believe all things are possible” – Lucy Zenga (fan)

“Impressive skills.”
“The crowd loves her and so do I!”
”Couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do with the ball next”
–Judges’ comments from Rise 2 Fame Contest 2017


Kate Cote (Performer) attends Eden High School in St. Catharines where she participates in the SSTC program. She practices her spinning for 50 hours a week and is always working on new tricks. Kate is hoping to break the world record “longest time a yoga ball spins on a toe.”
Eric Cote, Equipment Manager
Annette Cote, Announcer