Venue:  In the raceway, between the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre and MIWSPA – MAP
Time: Saturday 11am-11pm
Category:  Music, Family Friendly
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  Free


Band on a Couch promises to pack a lot of amazing musicians onto a tiny orange couch!


Band on a Couch (BOAC) just may break the record at ITS 2017 for the most band performances on a couch in one day! 3 bands per hour for 12 hours = 36 bands on a couch. Can it be done? We’ll see.

In 2014, an idea grew out of a few late-night jams and discussions. Changes were happening in the Niagara music scene. New bands were forming and amazing new music was being made. Someone needed to showcase all this new music and all we had was a couch and some half-decent recording equipment. Since then we’ve been recording bands on that same couch every week or so, with over 100 videos recorded and counting! BOAC always strives to connect new bands to new audiences and hopes to continue to develop and foster community between Niagara musicians and beyond.

“In an age where social media connections define interpersonal communications and viral videos have become more popular than television, BOAC is an idea whose time has come.” -Dave DeRocco, GoBe Weekly


11:00AM – Amanda Lyn Parker
11:20AM – Phil Bosley
11:40AM – Eli & the Straw Man
12:00PM – Probable Fog
12:20PM – DRFTR
12:40PM – Dave Allen
1:00PM – Sarah Beatty
1:20PM – Jon Lepp & Emma Lee Fleury
1:40PM – Pete Tremblay & the Boozy Truth
2:00PM – Sarah Boulton Music
2:20PM – Courtney Dubois
2:40PM – Joel van Vliet
3:00PM – Pindles
3:20PM – Charles J Hunk & the Trainwreck
3:40PM – Knife the Wolf
4:00PM – Strange Shakes
4:20PM – Rod Standish and the Outlaws of Sherwood
4:40PM – Know Band
5:00PM – Lindy Vopnfjord
5:20PM – Barbarosa
5:40PM – Anthony Sweet
6:00PM – Mel Monaco
6:20PM – Palooka
6:40PM – Katey Gatta
7:00PM – Chantal Barrette
7:20PM – The Kerouacs
7:40PM – Mando Calrissian
8:00PM – Birds Of Ontario
8:20PM – Beth Moore Music
8:40PM – Stereo Sunrise
9:00PM – Majora
9:20PM – Road Waves
9:40PM – The Advancing Low-Lives
10:00PM – N-E-O Collective
10:20PM – Def Ne
10:40PM – Thunderclap!


Arih Struger-Kalkman (Manager): Arih has the longest hair in the group. He also manages Band on a Couch’s day-to-day operations and tries to keep the machine parts nice and oily so they work well together. He tries to keep his hair less oily.

Jordan Rutledge (Stage & Sound Director): After a brief stint in broadcasting, Jordan is now the chief sound engineer for Band on a Couch. He has engineered, recorded and mixed over 100 Band on a Couch videos and produced over 100 live shows, from small, intimate acoustic shows at an old church all the way up to outdoor concerts and festivals.

Cody Linthicum (Creative Director): It has been said that Cody can master any instrument with frets. With Band on a Couch, he frets about finding new and exciting bands from the Niagara Region and beyond. He always finds them because, as he says, “Niagara is insane with talent!”

Pete Chadwick (Video Director): Video is the name, editing is the game. Well, actually, Pete is his name and he is responsible for the editing on all Band on a Couch videos. Most of the time, Pete is also the man behind the camera, making sure that the red button is indeed switched on.


“a widely recognized format for bands to promote themselves” -Chris Illich, The Sound STC

“four friends, one couch and a heck of a lot of Niagara music: it‰Ûªs a simple format that works” -Steve Henschel, Niagara This Week

“In an age where social media connections define interpersonal communications and viral videos have become more popular than television, BOAC is an idea whose time has come” -Dave DeRocco, GoBe Weekly