Venue:  TBD
Time: Ongoing (Evening)
Category:  Streetscape + Installations, Film + Video + Visual Arts
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  Free


This video journal is an honest telling of one millennial’s complacency with his surroundings after 10 years of being a resident in a small city. Filmed at the bottom of the lake Ontario with Toronto in sight, Bad Limbo will highlight the annual struggle one goes through when deciding to sign another year lease.


Barsin has been working with the digital medium since getting his hands on a semi-professional camera in 2006. He’s embraced the limitations and worked within their confines producing photo/video/audio shows that have been shown in local galleries and other southern Ontario exhibits. He has also worked on a feature film as a camera operator and editor with a local film production company that has won several awards and nominations.


Barsin Aghajan – Special thanks: Clelia Scala, Rick Fast, Adrian Thiessen, Markie Keddy, Madison Brown