Venue:  The Central Library
Time: Saturday 9am-12pm
Category:  Interactive + Workshop, Family Friendly
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  Free


Hands on g-ART-ening for all ages with Brock DIG! Make your own seed pods and learn how to design and grow your own native plant gardens.


Art is a major factor in D.I.G.’s relationship to nature and cultivating strong, resilient communities. For two summers DIG has provided the space for Brock’s summer sculpting class as a place for inspiration and exhibition of student projects. The day-campers of Youth University partook in the designing of artful signage for the plots. Volunteers of D.I.G. are always encouraged to think creatively when working in the garden. Using nature’s tools and colour palette, D.I.G. aims to highlight the symbiosis between art and nature in the pursuit of sustainable community building. gArtening is D.I.G.’s philosophy in action; both Art and Nature are boundless and bountiful.


Diggers: Rebecca Hunt, Rose McCormick and Kate MacDonald