Venue:  The Festival Hub
Time: Friday 5pm-9pm; Saturday 11am-5pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm
Category:  Interactive + Workshop, Family Friendly, Interactive Village
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  Free


Create your own beaded birthstone bracelets, guided by local artist, Crystal Zettel. Fun for all ages and a great home-made gift for Mothers Day.


Crystal Zettel was born Crystal Lee Morningstar. As a native adoptee, her adoptive parents have always tried to incorporate elements of her culture into her upbringing. Through the Hamilton Native Center, she engaged in youth activities and attended cultural events. A Cree woman approached her parents to teach both Crystal and her brother how to bead, they were taught traditional beading techniques. Presently, Crystal creates a beautifully designed jewelry with high standard. She is very meticulous of how each piece is finished and made. Mrs. Zettel’s love for sketching and painting became more predominate in her teenage years. She has displayed her artwork throughout the Niagara Region and has won awards for her piece “Turquoise Warrior”.

It was not until her early 20’s Crystal decided to venture to her birthplace Blind River, Ontario. She wanted to learn about her culture, teachings, and medicines. It was during her stay she learned that she was Ojibway from the Eagle Clan. Crystal met her family including her biological father. She attended various ceremonies and was taught many teachings, crafts, and
medicines. She has learned different ways of using birch bark; as a canvas, and in the creation of traditional Ojibway bowls and baskets. Throughout the Niagara Region, Crystal is well known for her handcrafted jewelry and native craft. She has facilitated many different workshops including traditional and contemporary work. Crystal has become more aware and involved in her community through the arts; she is always seeking new forms and materials to incorporate a mixture of all elements into her works such as birch bark. Her future intensions is to continue to work with her cultural artistic roots by blending the traditional with modern aspects of art and design – Thus being Traditionally Modern.


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