Venue:  The Festival Hub
Time: Ongoing
Category:  Streetscape + Installations, Film + Video + Visual Arts
City of Origin:  Buffalo, NY
Price:  PWYC or Festival Pass


A virtual reality exploration of spiritualism and the afterlife featuring a custom-drawn tarot deck and 20 different VR vignettes for multiple viewings.


Lily Dale was founded in 1879 as a camp and meeting place for Spiritualists and Freethinkers.

Residents of this small town in Western New York claim to communicate with the dead.

The ‘Guidelines for Spiritualism’ are posted on the wall of the Assembly Hall in downtown Lily Dale. Guideline #4 reads: “We Never Die”

The virtual reality experience incorporates interviews with Lily Dale resident mediums, motion capture from movement artist Ginger Wagg, and a deck of hand-drawn tarot cards by artist Bobby Griffiths.


For ages 10+