Time: Friday 7:30-9:30pm; Saturday 2:30-4:30pm; Saturday 10-12am; Sunday 2-4pm
Category:  RHIZOMES, Music
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  $20 or Festival Pass


JFM will be the RHIZOMES hive resident DJ. A solo project of collage artist Jesse Frank Matthews, who uses a sampler to capture found sounds and create new spaces for them to co-exist in.


JFM officially began with a suffragette tour opportunity in 2011 that lead to a subsequent string of releases and live performances including; POPMontreal (QC), Sappy Fest (NB), OBEY Convention (NS), Wavelength Toronto (ON), Ottawa Pop Explosion (ON) and countess other formal and D.I.Y shows along the way.

JFM will bring a very colourful and diverse set of music and sounds to In The Soil 2017.

“…tropical psychedelia, irresistible synth…lo-fi dub…JFM! It is a big recommendation!”- Meditations Japan 2014

“Armed with a trusty sampler and spangled mind, JFM hole-punches chunks of reality into busted and surreal loop grooves…creating charmingly awkward interzones of mutant disco, house and avant oddness where his mind and sampler run unimpeded.” -Boomkat UK 2013

“High wizard JFM not only delivers the muck of sound sacrifice in his temple of fuck-drip, but also sweats this vibe through excreting samples and grainy textures of any kind, really.” Tiny Mix Tapes USA 2013

“Honey, I did acid and shrunk the kids. And I’m quite sure they’re having a dance party inside the broken Toshiba the cat pissed on.” -SappyFest Canada 2013

-Canada Council Production Grant ‘JFM’ 2015
-JFM ‘Squat’ (Cassette) Silent Shout #22 of Top 25 Albums of 2014
-JFM ‘Moult’ (Compact Disc) Silent Shout #1 Album cover of 2014
-JFM ‘Jfm’ (LP) Silent Shout #26 Top 30 Albums of 2013