Venue:  Mahtay Café
Time: Ongoing
Category:  Streetscape + Installations
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  Free


We invite you to submerse yourself in a fantastical realm drawn bubbling and fizzing from the depths of our collective imaginings created just for you. Come one, come all and wrap yourself cozy in the cocoon of our beguiling subaqueous exhibition of extraordinary.


Lisa Renee McKenzie is a fibre artist obsessed with colour and texture. She started spinning art yarn in 2009 and what followed has been a love affair with dyeing, spinning, felting and pushing the boundaries of people’s perceptions of what yarn is, what it should be and where it lives in the art world. Lisa has taken part in previous ITS festivals, the STRUTT wearable art show, Small Feats, Yarnival and many local fairs and festivals. Featured in “Spinning and dyeing yarn: the home spinner’s guide to creating traditional art yarns” by Ashley Martineau and “Leather and lace challenge” and has been featured on Spin Artiste’s website.

Joanne Ring has always considered herself a maker, though this will be her first official show. She has been inspired for years to reduce waste and repurpose leftover materials and is pairing that desire with her skills in carpet installation and her eclectic personal taste. She’s hoping to inspire others to reuse materials in non-traditional ways. Born and raised locally, she takes great pride in her community and would like to share her craft with it.

Tammy Jane Lepp is best known for her otherworldly fibre art installations and wearable art creations that step well past the border of imaginative and dive straight into the realm of bizarre. Tammy is a multidisciplinary artist living and pulling things up by their roots to snuffle about curiously at what’s going on underneath it all, in St. Catharines.

Kelsey Cheslock is inspired by other-than-human bodies: trees, animals, insects, “garbage”, abandoned buildings, and everything in between. She hopes to highlight and embrace the beauty of that which is often considered waste and re-imagine relationships we have with ourselves and those not resembling ourselves. Other than making jellyfish lights and tentacles, Kelsey enjoys mixing music, textiles, and creating ambiance.