Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time: Saturday 2:30pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  Free


We are a celebratory musical group that plays Klezmer music in a variety of styles, including Roma (Gypsy) and Ladino music.


Developed over 5 years, the nu Klezmer Orchestra is a secular, non-denominational musical group. Although some members are professional musicians, everyone donates their time. We first came together to help the struggling Quebec Bank Gallery in Thorold. Other performances include the St. Catharines Library, Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre, Mahtay Café, Queenston Heights Bandshell and St. George’s Anglican Church Syrian refugee fundraiser. Director and trombonist Paul Pipher is a retired secondary school music educator who directs, arranges and plays in many community musical organizations.


Nancy Danton: violin
Jim Deroy: clarinet
Nadine de Bruyn: trumpet
Ian Ellingham: bass clarinet
Molly Enns: flute
Randall Lallouet: percussion
Ingrid Makus: violin
Fran Merton: clarinet
Lori Oppertshauser: violin
Paul Pipher: trombone
Anita Reece-Lane: violin
Laura Revell: vocals
Mark Roberts: accordion
Joanne Romanow: electric bass
Richard Rybiak: clarinet
Ivan Samson: trumpet
Sid Segalowitz: clarinet
Peter Spalton: Sousaphone
Laszlo Szolosi: violin
Linda Tamburri: piano