Venue:  Around Town
Time: Friday 5pm (Festival Hub); Saturday 12pm (w/Massive Band Parade); Saturday 2pm (between PAC and MIWSFPA)
Category:  Streetscape + Installations
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  Free


What does Hypocrisy wear? Find us walking the streets of St. Catharines, prompting questions and discussion about natural resources and how our choices impact society.


We will be found when you least expect us – travelling around the festival. Keep your eyes open – you never know where we might turn up. We have come together for this project, joined by a collective interest in the language of costume. This project is an extension of an investigation around how design prompts drama. Ultimately this parade of characters becomes its own text.

Participating in the In the Soil Arts Festival will give many of the students, who might see themselves as “behind the scenes” participants in theatre, an opportunity to have their vision come front and centre in a performative work.


Kelly Wolf: co-ordinator
Creators: Allie Aubry, John Clancy, Olivia DeSousa, Linda Duong, Nicole James, Dana Morin, Kait Seguin, Jill Wardell, Chelsea Wilson
Walking: John Clancy(Pride), Olivia De Sousa(Manipulation), Uchenna Edozie-Egbuna(Rivalry), Lola Ogunwole(Family), Sam Stell(Corruption), Mae Smith(Convenience), Alicia Bender(integrity), Heather Janser(Determination), Jordine de Guzman(Naïve)