Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time: Friday 6pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  Toronto, ON
Price:  Free


The Woodshed Orchestra exists to uplift people. We are troubadours. We’re true blue friends of yours.
We come here in peace to bring all relief from the troubles on your mind and the everyday grind.

For ITS 2017, The Woodshed Orchestra will reanimate their latest record: “”Guestbook”” with special guest artists on each song.


Legendary Toronto drummer Dave Clark (Rheostatics, Dinner is Ruined, The WoodChoppers Association, Gord Downie and Charles Spearin) has been immersed in music almost since he could walk. In 2005 he created The Woodshed Orchestra with passionate, courageous and joyful friends to play the music from his original songbook. A songbook that now contains of over 200 original tunes.

“Dave Clark and the Woodshed Orchestra have this amazing ability to make real life sound like the best musical in the world. I can’t name another group of people who sound so joyous together, get to some essential truths about living, and dance their pants off doing it. Love them. They’re my favourite parade.” – Vish Khanna – CBC Radio3 – Exclaim Magazine.

“I’m listening to the Woodshed Orchestra’s self-titled new album for the first time as I write this and it’s a riot, too. Funk, soul, country, New Orleans blues, slinky jazz, Stones-y rock n’ roll and just about everything else you can imagine impeccably played and rendered in several garish shades of joy. Smiles abound.” – Ben Rayner –

“Simply put, the Woodshed Orchestra was a key component in making SappyFest Six the best, and most successful event we’ve ever produced. From acoustic marching band parades to their explosive and endearing set on the Mainstage, the group was delightfully everywhere, all weekend. They are up for anything, always, with a smile and courtesy.” – Paul Henderson, Creative Director, SappyFest, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.

“The Woodshed Orchestra seems to have the knack of bringing the festival audience to celebrate en mass – they really got folks singing, dancing and creating a huge buzz…this type of band is priceless.” –Sam Baijal, Artistic Director, Hillside Festival, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.


The Woodshed Orchestra
Dave Clark – bandleader – lead vox/drums – songwriter
Joe Lapinski – gtr/bg vox
Ken McDonald – bass/bg vox
Tania Gill – keys/bg vox
Jason Kenemy – keys/bg vox
Julia Hambleton – clarinet/bg vox
Nic Buligan – trumpet/bg vox
Karen Ng – sax/ bg vox
Bruce MacKinnon – sax
Tom Richards – trombone
Raha Javanfar – violin

Matt Bailey – lead vox
Courtney Dubois & Dave Allen – duo lead vox
Rich Marsella – lead vox
Jacob Bergsma – lead vox
Greg Smith & Matt James – gtrs & duo lead vox
Dale Morningstar – lead vox
Dr. Pee – lead vox
Laurel Minnes – lead vox
Whitney Pea – lead vox
Brittany Brooks & Aaron Berger – duo lead vox
Oscar Anderson – lead vox