Time: Friday 7:30-9:30pm; Saturday 2:30-4:30pm; Saturday 10-12am; Sunday 2-4pm
Category:  RHIZOMES
City of Origin:  Toronto, ON
Price:  $20 or Festival Pass


Callejon de Memoria (memory lane) is an immersive dance-theatre installation that explores cultural memory and lingering sensations of “home.” Ontario, which is home to a growing diverse diaspora population, is intricately webbed into a global cradle of cultural memory. Interactive vignettes that are sequentially lit to guide the audience through a transformed womb-like space.


Venezuelan-American-Canadian choreographer, dancer, arts & cultural programmer, producer and urban planner Victoria Mata was raised in the Andes of Venezuela, northern California, Central France, New York and Toronto, Victoria has a unique sensibility to diversity, inclusion and passion for border stories and has choreographed and directed over a dozen choreographies performed in New York, San Francisco, Caracas, El Salvador, Cuba and Toronto. Her career was first sculpted by pedagogic, self-directed training, which proceeded with residencies and mentorships at the Banff Arts Centre, Counter Pulse, Ballet Creole, Aluna Theater, Danza Corpus, Los Vasallos de Venezuela, Danza Fragmentada with internationally renowned choreographers such as Debbie Wilson, Nicola Pantin, Jose Carret, Mercedes Bernardez, Olga Barrios, Patrick Parson, Carlos Rivera, Nahiti Ortega, Jack Soto, Marie Chouinard, Esteban Alguillar, Jackeline Rago, Ayelene Liberona, Violeta Luna and Patricia Araiza. As the co-founder of MataDanZe Collective, conSECUENCIAS and an active member of Toronto’s progressive arts community, Victoria’s aspiration is to continue to be a catalyst for artistic curiosity. Her creation and research interests after completing her Masters in Contemporary Choreography lie in creating a dialogue between performance and the embodied cultural memory. In 2016 she was one of the finalists of the Toronto Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award.

The daughter of a mother committed to crossing multiple borders in search of a better life, Victoria’s work is highly influenced by her eclectic concept of home, status, citizenship and identity. A hybrid mind stuck in the in between of biculturalism and Latina futurism she is first a storyteller living in the body of dancer, with a choreographer’s lens and the mind of a director that nourishes the designer in her. Influenced by Afro-Venezuelan movement and contemporary dance, she explores the location of where memory is stored in body specific. Her choreography fundamentals lie in collective creation and incorporating dancers’ lived experiences as a key component of her creative development process. The pronounced motifs of white cloth, partial nudity, shadows and percussive rhythm steps are some of the recent esthetic tools she uses in her choreography to explore the constructions and deconstructions of identity in the diaspora.


Irma Villafuerte
Amanda Paixao
Isabel Estrada
Vero Diaz
Tiffany Hsiung
Dainty Smith
Diana Lopez Soto
Tereka Tyler-Davis
Nickesia Garrick
Percussionist: Y Josephine
Video Installation: Tiffany Hsiung