Time: Friday 7:30-9:30pm; Saturday 2:30-4:30pm; Saturday 10-12am; Sunday 2-4pm
Category:  RHIZOMES
City of Origin:  Toronto, ON
Price:  $20 or Festival Pass


Clown meets the Blues by way of ’30s Berlin Cabaret with a detour through Las Vegas in this interactive solo musical all about love.


Whetstone Productions is a Dora Award-nominated company that creates stimulating, fearless and unexpected works that explore the intersection of theatrical clown with music, dance, photography, poetry and myths both modern and ancient.

There’s a fortune-telling element to Blue, with each audience choosing a playlist of 3 to 4 of the show’s 13 original songs in exactly the order they need to hear them. Each performance is completely unique. “Sally” accompanies herself on a fabulous toy piano. “A 15-minute micro-version of Blue premiered at the Toronto Festival of Clowns in 2015, followed in 2016 by cabaret performances of several of the show’s songs at the Arts Attic Hubhop, Seasonal Activities and Mullet’s Night Show.

“If you love clown shows or have never been to one – [The Antidote] is a MUST see!” -Kasey Plishka, MODCITY, Edmonton, review of The Anitdote

“Written with heightened language and rich imagery, [Lionheart] has powerful theatricality.” -Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine, Toronto, review of Lionheart


Diana Kolpak: writer/performer
David Benjamin Tomlinson: director

Theatrical clown has taken Diana Kolpak from performing liposuction on herself to being a prima ballerina to seeking falling stars in frozen wastelands to fighting epic cream-pie battles to performing in Vienna’s International Festival of Women Clowns. She is also a published author.


Mature content