Venue:  Corner of St. Paul and Bond Streets
Time: Ongoing (Throughout April)
CategoryMedia, Film + Visual Art
City of OriginSt. Catharines


A video performance of the Artist spurting milk from her mouth, acting as a fountain.


Amber Lee Williams is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in St. Catharines. Her work explores themes of identity, family relationships, birth, death, and chance. She searches for meaningful ways that different materials can work together in order to create work that is personal and relevant.

Currently she is engaged in an exploration of physical and emotional identities of motherhood, Hidden Mother Photographs, relationships within the family, etc. and this piece for In The Soil 2018 is an extension of a larger body of work. Last year, she created a photograph of herself that was inspired by Bruce Nauman’s 1967 conceptual piece; ‘Self-portrait as a Fountain’. In Nauman’s photograph he is spurting water from his mouth. Both Amber’s photograph and video performance are titled ‘Self-portrait as a Female Fountain”, and she uses milk instead of water.

Amber is currently in her 4th year of an undergraduate degree in Visual Arts at Brock University’s Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts. Past performances include ‘The Cloak of Cosmoss’, a large cloak made of moss and beeswax that she wore at ITS 2017, and the ‘Blind Contour Interactive Exhibit’ which was a part of RHIZOMES for ITS 2016. Amber’s other areas of art include analog, digital, and experimental photography, blind contour drawings, sculpture, assemblage, painting, and more.