Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time: Friday 8pm
City of Origin:  Welland


A stubborn, unyielding continuation of the rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic.


Attic Daddy has continually performed in various incarnations since 1987. Originated by front man and songwriter Kevin Richardson, Attic Daddy are purveyors of rock ‘n’ roll as “Class A” entertainment and life affirmation through this enduring music.

Praise in print:
“attitude with hyper hypnotic riffs and witty lyrical cries.”
“music that will move boots of any type.”
“Songs of life, love and all the mistakes you’ve ever made.”


Kevin Richardson (guitar, vocals) has always headed up his own bands, thinking about rock ‘n’ roll every waking hour.

Peter Mason (drums) has been a veteran Southern Niagara performer since he had to lie about his age to perform at hotels and is also an accomplished guitarist.

John Horvatek (bass) is a St. Catharines standard, a vet who has dragged his stand-up to many establishments, ducking under the doorway.