Venue:  Oddfellows Temple
Time: Saturday 10pm
Category:  Comedy
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, ON
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


Bringing good laughs to ITS2018 with a set that will include long and shortform improv.


In April 2017, Josh, Mark, Matt, Alex, and Trevor had a desire to continue creating and performing improv in the Niagara region. As a result of already having an established rapport, these five individuals decided to start Big Chicken Improv. What was at first a weekly improv jam at the park with five members has now evolved into a group of twelve dedicated performers who aim to not only see themselves grow as performers, but to see improv grow in the region. Big Chicken Improv strives to create professional, fun, engaging, and interactive performances for audiences.

“Wonderful show, lots of fun and laughs. Everyone had something unique to bring to the stage, it was a genuinely fantastic show!”

“Such a fantastic professional group of people, tons of energy, light heartedness and fun!”


Some mature language.


Matthew Beard- Performer, Founder
Jarrod Cunliffe- Performer
Joedy Ebert- Coach
Brandon Kennedy- Performer
Kyle Kerslake- Performer
Breanna Kovacs- Performer
Josh Loewen- Performer, Founder
Mark Maecker- Performer, Founder
Carlee McTavish- Artistic Director
Trevor McTavish- Performer, Founder
Erin North- Performer
Alex Sykes- Performer, Founder
Tori Waite- Performer
Alec Waddell- Performer