Venue:  The Merchant Ale House
Time: Saturday 7pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  Toronto
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


A raw, vibrant, fun, sometimes satirical, sometimes not, Cabe-Rock musical experience.


Cat & The Queen is Barrie born musician and theatre artist Cat Montgomery. The piano, since the time Cat was five, has always been her closest friend. With a style informed by a long history as a multidisciplinary theatre artist, Cat offers a unique voice to the Canadian music landscape. Her sound effortlessly weaves between indie, cabaret and progressive rock. As a performer, her ferocity and relentless theatrics are quickly earning her a reputation as one of Toronto’s artists to watch.

Cat offers a unique voice in the Canadian music landscape. Her sound is hard to classify – contemporary pop ballad merges with progressive rock piano and ‘caber-rock’ anthems. Cat and the Queen’s lyrical content is raw, poignant and often comedic. Cat and the Queen’s songs are stories in motion; dynamic, vulnerable and imaginative. Her lyrical content partnered with her advanced keyboard composition create a unique and deeply engaging, theatrical, and fresh experience for the audience.

She is ecstatic to be a part of this diverse and rich festival – expect a full-bodied set, full of laugh and heart.

“The album rests heavily on the voice work of Montgomery. She has an iconic voice that I can tell has been nurtured by both classic training and raw instinct. Paired with her illuminating lyrics, she has a winning combo. She presents the dignity of being alone and on your own, especially in the darkness.” — – Rebecca Rothschild, Divide and Conquer

“It’s a highly charged physical and verbal performance. Watching it is like grabbing the end of that electrical wire with a short. You just can’t let go. It won’t let you. And it’s funny. Very funny and strangely touching…her verbal virtuosity in delivering a rich text full of twists and turns, all this imprints the performance on the mind after one leaves the theatre. Montgomery is the author of the play as well as its performer, and she’s one to watch for her future stage work.” — Sharon Pollock, CBC Calgary


Cat Montgomery – Singer/Songwriter, Keyboard
Dave Love – Drums



Though Cat and the Queen is known to drop an F-Bomb or five, she is going to watch it for this one, and make it as creature friendly (big and small) as possible!