Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time: Sunday 12pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  Barrie, ON
Price:  FREE


A solo singer-songwriter who performs heartfelt original songs that explore the depths of human emotion.


Born and raised in Barrie/On, Courtney was brought up in a musical and creative community being home base to local acts such as Zeus and Bahamas.

Courtney has been writing songs for decades and performing with the band Stonetrotter for the past 5. Since the band has branched off, Courtney decided to put her songs to the test and began performing as a solo artist.
She has since released her first solo EP called Geode.


Courtney Dubois (Acoustic Guitar & Vocals) is a singer/songwriter from Barrie, ON. Her songs prove the universality of the deeply personal, as she explores, through captivating narratives, the concepts of fragility in emotion, familial dynamics, and the ever-present struggle for personal identity. Her music offers listeners great depth and symbolic value while retaining accessibility, pleasing even at surface-level.