Venue:  The Merchant Ale House
Time: Friday 7:30pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  Toronto
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


A loud projection of emotive sounds: a diary of experience.


It swings around, from disordered sleep, eating, relationships- Defne exposes it all; painfully personally. All through song and poetry. She is here to help you relate, to listen and be listened to in return. To expand outwards, to question thought/experience/reason/knowledge: look past what may hinder you and play a song instead. Look past what plagues you or haunts you at night. Look away from the dark corners of your room- climb out of the window instead.

Defne has been writing music since 2010 and played her first live show in 2012. Briefly afterwards she was signed to Fallen Love Records, an indie label based out of Durham Region. Under this label, she released her first EP, “Gentle Persuasion” in 2013 with an accompanying southern Ontario tour. Afterwards, she inverted and decided to record at home and alone instead. She has since released 2 self-produced EP’s. She has played shows intermittently around Ontario around these releases. After a three-year hiatus from recording, she has decided to self-record another solo EP in 2018.

“Her fragile songs of heartache and longing hum with the energy of anticipation. The spaces between falling snowflakes. A sideways glance across a crowded venue. Grass stains on the ankles of your jeans as you run home at 2 in the morning past darkened windows and empty playgrounds”. -Harley Pageot, Fallen Love Records.


Defne Inceoglu- vocals, guitar