Venue:  Warehouse Concert Hall
Time: Saturday 11pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  St. Catharines ON
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


Always aiming to create a musical journey that encompasses both the mind and the body.


I’ve been DJing for about 15 years as a hobby, but began performing more often about 5 years ago, because I noticed a lack of opportunities to go out dancing. St Catharines has a lot of student oriented bars that play Top 40, but no places that played music my friends and I liked to dance to. More importantly, there was a lack of dance venues that made extra effort to create safe space for women and LGBT folks. So I helped to create a series of dance events called the Rise Above Revivals. These parties featured a multi-genre blend of new wave, retro/80s, funk, electronic, and indie rock music, along with strong anti-harrassment and safer space policies. Through this event, I formed a collective of DJ friends called the Killer Beets Collective. In addition to promoting dance parties, we also teach DJ workshops to others, in order to build musical diversity into our own events as well as to broaden the dance culture of our community. I’m hoping to contribute to an increased recognition of freeform dance as a beneficial artistic practice for all.

Past event appearances include Rise Above Revival parties, SCENE Music Festival, Ecstatic Dance Niagara, and the Sunset Sundays series of family friendly dance parties on the NAC rooftop patio.


BRIZE is a DJ and danceparty promoter also known as Brian Gasbarini, based out of St Catharines, Ontario. Brian has been mixing since 1999, and his style has evolved from his roots in the rave scene to include music from many genres including r&b, funk, hiphop, retro, house, techno, and electronic pop. Brian specializes in long layered mixes, combining songs from different genres, and mashing up old and new tracks.

Brian is also a co-founder and DJ Instructor with the Killer Beets Collective, a group of Niagara area DJs who specialize in party promotion and DJ related workshops and education initiatives.