Venue: Festival Hub – Interactive Village
Time: Friday 5pm-9pm; Saturday 11am-5pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm
Category:  Interactive + Workshop
City of Origin:  Hamilton/St. Catharines
Price:  Free


Document your thoughts, feelings and musings the old fashioned way! With a classic letter.


Express yourself in their truest way, through your words. I want people to get in touch with the now vintage form of communication. Stamps, envelopes, pens, crayons, decorations, paper and a type writer will be available for use. Polaroid documentation will be available to those who choose to have their photo taken and there will be an anonymous letter box where you can write an anonymous letter of confession and they will be posted at a later date for a future art project.


Hannah Swayze (Project Manager) is a full time McMaster student, part time knitting enthusiast.