Venue:  Silver Spire United Church
Time: Friday 8pm-10pm; Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm, 10pm-12am; Sunday 5pm-7pm
Category:  Rhizomes
City of OriginNiagara Falls
Price:  $20 or Festival Pass


Rooted in Doom and Dance, this contemporary medicine show explores Mother’s capacity to heal herself.


Harmonic Shadow Circus is a loose collective of artists, thinkers, and peace warriors. They come together to explore the possibility of fungi healing the earth through crafting site-specific pop-up performances. Arising out of Niagara Falls, they gather their energy from the tremendous mass of falling water and its polarities. Formed in the autumn of 2016, they seek to deliver a feeling of peace. Loose and multidisciplinary, we look to the talents of human beings as spectacle. We have staged occurrences in church sanctuaries, battlefields, and on porches. Through encouraging audience participation, we preach slowing down, connecting the head and heart, and restoring a state of personal harmony. Our circus bridges the gap between performance and jam.


Ring leader – Trainsmoke Lou
Announcer – Stephen Tkachuk, Trainsmoke Lou
Writer – Sara Lou Stuart
Costume/masks – Natalie BlueRaven RubyHill,
Photography – Noah Fence, Captain Simon Kelly
Band – Bram Tebbut/bass; Ryan Mattie/guitar; Stephen Tkachuk/accordion; Sara Lou Stuart, frame drum/harmonica; Rod Standish/organ
Stage manager – Ashlee Standish
Live painters: Heather Fraser, Sara Lou Stuart
Set design: Ashley Marazzo, Lara Elliot, Sara Lou Stuart
Dancers/movers: Lara Elliot, Sara Lou Stuart, Elora Miller, Rebecca Hunt, Maja Bannerman
Guide: Maja Bannerman
Lighting: Noah Fence
+ guests