Venue:  Warehouse Concert Hall
Time: Saturday 12am
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  St. Catharines
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


JFM is a producer & DJ currently based in Niagara.


JFM has been making electronic music by hand since 2013 with the release of a self titled debut LP on Divorce Records. Since then a handful of tapes, a CD, 7″ and a list of compilation tracks and digital singles have equated to a prolific discography from a short period of time.

For ITS 0218 dance party, JFM will offer very special set of higher energetic and emotional charged multi-shaded house music.

“Honey, I did acid and shrunk the kids. And I’m quite sure they’re having a dance party inside the broken Toshiba the cat pissed on.” -SappyFest 2013

“JFM hole-punches chunks of reality into busted and surreal loop grooves…fractured, lo-fi mutations, from submerged House to tape dub and beyond” -Boomkat UK 2013


Jesse – DJ