Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time: Saturday 12pm
Category:   Family Friendly
City of Origin:  St. Catharines, Ontario
Price:  FREE


Kate Cote is a performer who has turned an Autistic Trait into an Artistic Talent!


Kate Cote will entertain at In the Soil Arts Festivals first ever Fmaily Friendly Dance Party at the Festival Hub on Saturday 28 April. Kate likes to spin yoga balls on her toes. In 2016, Autism Ontario held a talent show where she performed this skill in front of a crowd. A member of Niagara Artists Centre happened to catch her doing this and offered her a part in the 2016 Voix de Ville. Kate loved it so much that she created a much more difficult routine and participated in other contests. In 2017, she competed in the Yellow Door Theatre Project’s talent show where she placed 1st and competed in the Rise 2 Fame contest at the Western Fair where she was a finalist.

Kate’s performance requires a tremendous amount of skill. What makes her routine even more unique is Kate is extremely uncomfortable in front of new people let alone large crowds. She spins to help keep herself calm and focused. It is BECAUSE she spins as her skill that enables her to be in front of people. It is an amazing thing to watch as Kate transforms from someone who is quiet, to electrifying on stage, to quiet again when she is done.

“Kate has a talent that is beyond amazing. Her gift of spinning is a “must see” performance that will make you believe all things are possible” – Lucy Zenga (fan)

“Impressive skills.”
“The crowd loves her and so do I!”
”Couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do with the ball next”
–Judges’ comments from Rise 2 Fame Contest 2017


Kate Cote (Performer) attends Eden High School in St. Catharines where she participates in the SSTC program. She practices her spinning for 50 hours a week and is always working on new tricks. Kate is hoping to break the world record “longest time a yoga ball spins on a toe.”
Eric Cote, Equipment Manager
Annette Cote, Announcer