Venue:  Silver Spire United Church
Time: Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm + 10pm-12am
Category:  Music + Rhizomes
City of Origin:  Toronto
Price:  $20 or Festival Pass


Colour and sound fuse together in the moment as this spontaneous, synesthetic performance takes place.


lightsweetcrude is a multi-faceted project in the tradition of the collectives, and what curator/art historian Adam Lerner calls “hybrid forms” of the psychedelic era. The project’s origin involved a mandate to fuse North Indian ragas with Western forms, and has evolved from those musical roots to find the projection of “colour” – the definition of the Sanskrit root verb for “raga” – fused directly with sonic exploration. Previous installations include: In The Soil (2015 +2016), Nuit Blanche Toronto, Nocturne Halifax, Nuit Blanche North, Toronto Art Spin, Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market, Nuit Blanche London, and others.

“Dope [pic] from lightsweetcrude #plpix” – Pretty Lights

“Sitting in CineCycle’s dimly lit space, with lightsweetcrude’s abstract visual projections shimmering on the walls, can create an almost out-of-body-ish experience for the listener as the soundscape starts to develop, the listener’s senses are gradually disoriented and the self-directing mind is lulled.” – James Sandham

“I ended the night in the Tranzac’s tiny street-facing bar, where music from the nostalgic indie party in the main hall thudded like the pulse of the status quo through the walls as live projections of gelatinous liquid moved slowly on screen. I thought about the universe: its mysterious humour; how strange we are.” –

“How do you do your art? It’s cool.” – Tony Mangurian

“[I]nteresting DIY projections” – Exclaim! Magazine, July 2013.

“Spectacular!!” – Ana Matronic


Jason Steidman – overhead projectors, laptop
Michael Kaler – bass
Andy Yue – keyboards
Morgan Yew – overhead projector