Venue:  Warehouse Concert Hall
Time: Saturday 8pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin:  Halifax, NS
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


Lindsay Misiner is a Soul & RnB Singer/Songwriter from Halifax, Nova Scotia


With a roaring voice of haunting passion and songwriting skills far beyond her years and time, Lindsay Misiner will leave you questioning how such an intricate talent could get inside the body of a young, long haired, Nova Scotian Woman. With intense and truthful lyrics, there is no mistaking the passion that Misiner holds within the palm of her hand. Her honesty and devotion to an intelligent lyric, in pair with her painfully pure moaning vocal is what makes her style so undeniably different. Misiner came in quickly with her 9 Piece, self titled “Psychedelic Soul” Band Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic in 2015, and for two years they made a mark on the City of Halifax. Upon arrival in Ontario, she became a part of the 2017 Honey Jam Showcase. Currently, she is the Music Coordinator for The Carmel Fine Art & Music Festival, as well as the Music Coordinator for the Friday night Event (May 4th) for the 50th Annual Niagara Folk Arts Festival. Along with these accomplishments, Misiner is in the process of writing her debut solo EP to be released in 2018. Lindsay will be blending Soul, RnB, and Pop music on her upcoming EP with Yogi The Producer, creating a revolutionary sound that is both new and exciting for Misiner and her audiences.

“Lindsay Misiner isn’t like someone. She’s incomparable. It’s as though Lindsay isn’t performing for you – she’s performing with you. And it takes no effort whatsoever.” -Doug Taylor, Owner of Codapop Studios

“Carmen Townsend crossed with Amy Winehouse” so make of that what you will.” -Stephen Cooke, Chronicle Herald


Lindsay Misiner – Vocals & Guitar