Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time: Saturday 8:30pm
Category:  Music
City of Origin: Toronto, ON
Price:  FREE


A satirical view on humanity. Each song explores constructs that challenges conventional thinking.


Maylee Todd is a Canadian independent singer-songwriter, musician, performance artist, producer, and creative. Her song “Baby’s Got It” reached number 10 on the Tokyo radio charts in Japan, where she’s had much success, performing at the Billboard Live Tokyo venue. On Nov. 3, 2017, Todd released her third studio album, Acts of Love. Todd produces shows for alternative experiences; Virtual Womb is her current project that melds all her skills together; production, performance art, dance, digital collage, and music production. Todd has currently returned from a tour in Asia touring Manila’s Fringe and Tokyo’s Billboard Live. She has recently released her third self-produced record Acts Of Love, which has glowing reviews from NPR, Vogue Japan, CBC and Okay Player.

Maylee Todd will be performing a rendition of her multimedia show called Virtual Womb.


Maylee Todd (Solo)