Venue:  Mahtay Café
Time: Sunday 1:30pm
Category:  Literary Arts
City of Origin:  St. Catharines
Price:  Pay What You Can or Festival Pass


Mori McCrae’s newest chapbook is firmly rooted in the people and places surrounding her downtown Studio. Passersby is a funny, provocative and sensitive portrayal of St. Catharines.


Passersby is a quirky collection of portrait miniatures travelling in word form. This collection follows her previous collection, Shelf Life which was introduced during the festival last year. Both chapbooks are published by Grey Borders and have affirmed Mori’s voice, as unique and new to the poetry scene in Niagara.

“Mori McCrae’s poetry fills in a much-needed cultural gap in Niagara’s 21st century literature. There are a couple of realists who write about Niagara, like Jade Wallace’s perfect short stories, and Jeremy Colangelo’s occasional portrait of call center workers. What has been missing from the now burgeoning Niagara literature is an honest portrayal of the reality of life in Niagara; which is that most of the time, it is a nice day outside, the flower garden is taking up time but that’s what it’s there for, you can hear grandparents and kids over the backyard fences, your friends are all weirdos but that’s what they’re there for, too.” -Terry Trowbridge

Also, be sure to check out Mori’s “Word Woven”: A melding of words and drawings at The Fine Grind Café during In the Soil Arts Festival 2018.