Venue:  The Merchant Ale House
Time: Friday 12:30am
Category:  Music
City of Origin: Niagara Falls/Toronto
Price:  $10 or Festival Pass


OHMNO presents “Are you my Daddy?” A Supernatural South Ontario Monster Garage Rock Opera.


Self described “Drone Pop Superstars from South Ontario” OHMNO have been bunkered down for the past year working on there Debut concept album “CHERRY BEAST” As psychedelic minimalists they use fuzz, noise, delay pedals and 3 chord 90’s indie rock to invoke themes like love, drugs, social isolation and little known Canadian Monsters falling in love. For their ITS 2018 set, OHMNO are splicing a short play in between their songs with some multimedia elements.

Influenced by guitar and synth noisers like early Stereolab, Spacemen 3, Syd Barrett, Joy Division, Eric’s Trip and Sonic Youth OHMNO hold the old adage of “3 chords good, 2 chords better, 1 chord best” close to there hearts.

“This is the sort of stuff whose goodness is more striking as a delayed reaction than immediate satisfaction, but this is definitely a band worth checking out.” -Mechanical Sound Forest


Ryan Mounsey- guitar, lead vocals
Tim Okura- guitar
Savino Mazzuocco- bass, vocals
Jake Bros- drums