VenueThe Yurt – In Partnership with FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre
Time: Sunday 4pm
CategoryMusic + SOUND SOUND
City of OriginKingston
PricePay What You Can or Festival Pass


Multi-instrumental, experimental, drone, improvised, free jazz, found sounds and tape cassettes within a singer-songwriter act.


Slow Man Tofu is the singer-songwriter project of musician David Parker. Parker plays in musical projects that are experimental, drone, and improvised, collaborating with musicians and performing solo improvised work. This performance will bring together various artistic endeavours into a one-time-only big band performance. The idea is to take audiences on a new sonic adventure that will blend a singer-songwriter set with digital media, electronic instruments used in unconventional ways, and acoustic instruments into a digestible whole. The Light & Laughter Brigade is a team of improvising musicians and composers that share similar exploratory aesthetics in music.

“Magicmouth is the latest release from David Parker’s multi-tentacled creature called Slow Man Tofu. Where his previous tape, Steer, was anchored in rock and folk songwriting with a occasional forays into freer-form experimentation, Magicmouth abandons all conventions of song structure and instead floats on extended and effected guitar improvisations, layered with synthetic tones and dubby, echoey half-singing. David allows his slow paths to wander uninhibited, resulting in an expansive collection of tracks that moves between drone, doom, noisy free improv, and ambient music.” – Lucas Huang, of Old Haunt

“Slow Man Tofu brilliantly bottles the cacophonic energy that comes when one person turns to another and says, “Hey, you wanna start a band?” on the aptly named “Starting Bands”. It’s about music as therapy, music as release, music as a way of life. It’s finding kindred spirits whose first reaction to such a question isn’t to laugh, but to dream.” – Jim Di Gioia,

“I particularly enjoyed Parker’s bass playing, with his imaginative use of arco techniques and muting to create different sounds, and how he combined the bass with pre-recorded loops.” – Alayne McGregor,


David Parker – vocals, guitar, synths, electronics
Del Stephen – tape cassettes, synths
Matt Rogalsky – guitar
Liam Fenton – drums, guitar, digital signal processing